The Minimalist Coloring Book by Craig Conley

(About the Author)
This coloring book contains 89 images of white things, printed on white paper. Is one to fill in these images with a white crayon? Or is one to let go of the crayon and practice the Taoist concept of wu-wei (actionless action)?

Why color white objects white?
  • White is the absence of color which contains all colors.
  • It’s easy to keep within the lines.
  • It helps one to focus on process, not results.
  • It fulfills Zen Master Han-Shan’s invitation to “leap the world’s ties and sit among the white clouds.”
  • It is a rejection of artifice, an unveiling of the void.
  • It is an antidote to art theory.
Why not color white objects white?
  • In Zen terms, the absence of coloring contains all coloring.
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  • “In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton bought a prism at Stourbridge Fair, near Cambridge.  ‘I procured me a triangular glass prisme,’ he later wrote, ‘to try therewith the celebrated phenomena of color.’  His studies eventually led to his famous demonstration, using a pair of prisms, that white light contains all the colors of the spectrum, and that when these colors are recombined they return to white.  Craig Conley’s Minimalist Coloring Book is a celebration of white and the colors that dance within it.  Newton would have liked it.”  Paul Dean

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Copyright © 2007 by Craig Conley. All rights reserved. This workbook is intended for educational purposes. Each illustration is a creation of the author, redrawn from the original sources, or composed from public domain material. No copyright or other infringements are intended.