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3.  n.  a river in Latvia.

<The crusaders donned their weapons, put the trappings on their horses, and with their infantry, the Livonians, and their whole company crossed the Aa river, went on through the night, and approached the pagans.  — William L. Urban, The Baltic Crusade.>

4.  n.  a river in the Antwerpen region of Belgium.

<Coastal Flanders covers the area from the North Sea to the Lys river and is bordered by the Aa river to the West.  —“The Traditions of Flanders,”>

5.  n.  a river in the Brabant region of the Netherlands.

<The Boundary Aa River (in German Grenz Aa) has been for years a minor source of irritation [between the Netherlands and Germany].  —The Geographer, Office of Research in Economics and Science, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, “International Boundary Study No. 31: Germany-Netherlands Boundary.”>

6.  n.  a river in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France.

<The town of Saint-Omer stands on [a] hillside on the edge of the river Aa marshes.  —“Saint Bertin’s Abbey, St. Omer,”>

7.  n.  a stream in the Nordrhein-Westfale region of Germany.

<The bubbling Aa River ran alongside now and then with its waters tumbling crystal clear over pebbles.  If Mutti had let me splash in there, that would have made my day.  —Dorothea von Schwanenfluegel Lawson, Laughter Wasn’t Rationed: A Personal Journey Through Germany’s World Wars and Postwar Years.>

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