CRAIG CONLEY (Prof. Oddfellow) is recognized by Encarta as “America’s most creative and diligent scholar of letters, words and punctuation.” He has been called a “language fanatic” by Page Six gossip columnist Cindy Adams, a “cult hero” by Publisher’s Weekly, and “a true Renaissance man of the modern era, diving headfirst into comprehensive, open-minded study of realms obscured or merely obscure” by Clint Marsh. An eccentric scholar, Conley’s ideas are often decades ahead of their time. He invented the concept of the “virtual pet” in 1980, fifteen years before the debut of the popular “Tamagotchi” in Japan. His virtual pet, actually a rare flower, still thrives and has reached an incomprehensible size. Conley’s website is
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Images Moving Through Time

July 24, 2016 (permalink)

"Architecture doubles as atmosphere" (Interiors magazine, 1968).  This accidental double exposure is from C. W. Allen's WWII album, scanned by the San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive.
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July 17, 2016 (permalink)

The General Dynamics 1964 Mercury Program and time capsule (to be opened in year 2464).  Here's the artist's rendering and the monument being fashioned.
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July 15, 2016 (permalink)

"Watch it -- there's a woman here."  Photo courtesy of the Stanford Archive.
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July 12, 2016 (permalink)

If you thought $2.99 was steep enough for streaming a movie, imagine paying $650 to get a picture.  Interestingly, the tube Dr. Terman is holding is about the size of the modern laptop (if more oval).  Photo courtesy of the Stanford Historical Archives.
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July 11, 2016 (permalink)

"Two and a Quarter is not the same as Deuce and a Quarter" (Nikky Finney, Head Off & Split, 2011).  Photo courtesy of the Stanford Archives.
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July 10, 2016 (permalink)

Here's how to use the AstroRay on nesting balloons.  Photo courtesy of the Standford Historical Archive.
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June 30, 2016 (permalink)

In another version of the story, Pinocchio didn't become a real boy but rather went into traffic safety along the Trans-Canada Highway between Golden and Revelstoke, British Columbia.  The sign reads, "Don't be 'wooden headed.'  Drive carefully.  You'll live to enjoy the scenery."  (And as you can see, Pinocchio isn't lying.)
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June 29, 2016 (permalink)

"Although this equipment might appear quaint in hindsight, it was a breakthrough for audiobook listening" (Listening to Learn: Audiobooks Supporting Literacy).
(Unrelated photo courtesy of the San Diego Air and Space Museum archives.)
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June 22, 2016 (permalink)

Be this gal.  Original photo from Hunter College's Wistarion yearbook, 1962.
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June 16, 2016 (permalink)

"The space in the forehead is a doorway for thoughts" (Swahilya Shambhavi).  Our photo is as scanned by the Costică Acsinte archive.
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June 9, 2016 (permalink)

"There you have the ghost of Illinois' future" (Emily Walker, Bird Ephemera, 2011).  Our photo is courtesy of the Costică Acsinte archive.
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May 20, 2016 (permalink)

"Instead of construing these five as distinct selves, I take them to be five aspects of the self, forming the multitudinous self" (Serife Tekin, "The Missing Self in Hacking's Looping Effects," Classifying Psychopathology: Mental Kinds and Natural Kinds, 2014).
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April 12, 2016 (permalink)

"My mistake, April 12, 1925."  Live to photograph it.
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March 8, 2016 (permalink)

"Do we see ourselves in others?  Do we look back from outside and see ourselves?  Do we see growth and expansion?  Do we see our greater self?" (James Anderson Charleson, Experience Personal Fulfillment, 2013).  Our photo of someone seeing her greater self in another is an "overlay of images of Amadeo and Lucie (Portugal, 1915)."
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March 5, 2016 (permalink)

We haven't yet tracked down the earliest recorded pampered pooch, but here's a pampered pooch with an early recording.  Those canine headphones make the famous dog listening to "his master's voice" from a gramaphone horn seem downright old-fashioned.  Scanned by the San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive.
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March 3, 2016 (permalink)

"I hate that whenever you look at a clock, it shows a different time.  What's the use of knowing what time it is, if it's already changing?  And it's always later!"
Pictured, tapestry figures look at the faceless grandfather clock at Packwood House (England).

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March 1, 2016 (permalink)

You've heard of the struggles of being the middle child.  As scanned by the Costică Acsinte Archive.
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September 7, 2015 (permalink)

Years ago we developed a calendar system that tracks the flow and relationships of telltale words and symbols.  One can generate an entire month's calendar to test its accuracy in predicting events in daily life.  The link is
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April 21, 2015 (permalink)

How things have changed.  Today we're encouraged to drink lots of water, but back in 1911, when drinking water was considered irresponsible, "if you just must drink water," then at least let it be bottled.  From Polk-Husted Directory Co.'s Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda Directory.

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March 24, 2015 (permalink)

"Why shouldn't I tell you the whole truth?  I really hope that one day I'll be able to see Time itself.  Not actually there on the face of the watch of course.  But one day I do hope to see how to see Time.  It'd be a discovery with quite unpredictable consequences." —Ernst Kreuder, The Attic Pretenders

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