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interj.  a scolding harrumph.

<“H’ngh!” grunted the Cad, “You weren’t listening, were you?”  —C.S. Lewis, All My Road Before Me: The Diary of C.S. Lewis, 1922-1927.>

hdf dfh rd drg.
n.  the title of a visual poem by Mike Cannell.

(also hfff.)  n.  a huffing breath of exertion, as in the graphic novel Uzumaki 2 by Junji Ito and the graphic novel ShadowFall by Kaichi Satake.

n.  a “tiny, bitter laugh” (Mil Millington, A Certain Chemistry: A Novel).

n.  a forced puff of breath, as from a car-crash victim who can’t speak because her mouth is full of windshield glass, in the novel Glow by Kae Denino.

n.  a haughty huff, as in the novel Amanda’s Wedding by Jenny Colgan.

hff hff hff hff.
n.  a panicked huffing, as when fleeing from a monster in the graphic novel Parasyte 7 by Hitosi Iwaaki; see also hfff, hfffff hfffff.

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