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v kmm thr rffoo nn.
n.  a mumbled line of dialogue (presumably meaning “I’m here to rescue you”) by the character “Kenny” from the animated television series South Park (Matt Graham, “South Park: Angband comes to South Park”).

n.  the hum of a submarine’s central control system.

<Book flicked some switches and suddenly—vmmm—a small collection of green lights burst to life all around Schofield.  —Matthew Reilly, Scarecrow.>

n.  the sound of a machine gun’s mechanism, as in the comic book Dirty Pair: Run From The Future #4 by Adam Warren.

n.  the hum of a superhero’s “hover power,” as in the comic strip “PvP” by Scott R. Kurtz.

n.  the sound of an automobile accelerating, as in the comic book Vacuum Horror by Aaron K.

n.  the sound of communications signal going out, as in the graphic novel ShadowFall by Kaichi Satake.

n.  the purr of an accelerating motor.

<[J]ust see you two on a motorcycle, vrmm, vrmm—can you picture it?  You are there: vrmm, vrmm.  —Edmund White, A Boys Own Story.>

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