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The Carte Blanche Atlas

From the eccentric author of One-Letter Words: A Dictionary (author bio).

“A total delight. . . . Who knew that the blank map was such a venerable notion in world literature!  How wonderful of Conley to dig all these up.  Check it out — it’s quite wonderful. . . . Good for navigation anywhere you want to go.”  Stephen Saperstein Frug

A Blank Map vs. A Blank Page
There are crucial differences between a blank map and a blank page. Unlike a blank page, a blank map:
  • is designed by a catographer
  • is a frame
  • represents a space or “territory”
  • has orientation
  • is readable
  • has accuracy
  • suggests scale (though may sacrifice exactitude in favor of visual utility)
  • is informative (unavailability of data does not equal nonexistence of data)
  • is something unexpected
A blank map represents:
  • simplicity
  • all that can still be discovered
  • infinite creative possibilities
  • a clean slate
  • a future of one’s own making
  • the difference between emptiness and nothingness
  • freedom from error or distortion
  • freedom from bias
  • organization
  • openness
  • changeability
  • purity
  • unity
  • an unformed universe waiting to be shaped
There is nothing so perfect as a blank map.

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