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A Turkish Delight of musings on languages, deflations of metaphysics, vauntings of arcana, and great visual humor.

The British expression "noise stroke gesture" (in American parlance, "noise slash gesture" or "noise/gesture") refers to the intriguing fact that some vocal expressions seem to call for an accompanying hand gesture.  Take, for example, Pfft!  No matter what its intended meaning, it virtually demands to be echoed in sign language.

Reader Jonathan Caws-Elwitt suggests some other great examples:

Someone pretends to moisten a finger, then touches it briefly to her posterior and mimes the effect of the finger "sizzling" -- to the accompaniment of a "Tsss" vocalization.   And how about the triumphant "Yessss!" that is always(?) accompanied by body language?  Or Fonzie's "Ayyyy" with thumb extended?  Or the one where someone acknowledges someone else by briefly pointing at him/her while making a one- or two-syllable clicking sound (reminiscent of a shutter-release)?

Have you noticed a noise/gesture in print?  Please share!

(For a variety of surprising definitions of noises like pfft, check out my Dictionary of All-Consonant Words at

July 31, 2012 (permalink)

This still is from Derren Brown's stage show entitled Enigma.
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July 27, 2012 (permalink)

"He waved a hand, made a pffft sound, told more."
Steve Ulfelder, The Whole Lie (2012)
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July 20, 2012 (permalink)

"'Pffft.'  She waved away the distinction."
Leah Braemel, Hidden Heat (2012)
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March 22, 2011 (permalink)

Our friend Jonathan Caws-Elwitt spotted this lovely pfft variant in the wild:

—our 11th cousin P.G. Wodehouse's novel Bertie Wooster Sees It Through

We can verify that p'fft is an appropriate response to "blankety-blank nonsense" (as noted on the first page of Budget Weddings For Dummies).  Relatedly, Wodehouse has written: "He had a dim sort of idea that it began with an F or a G, but beyond that his mind was a blank" (The Small Bachelor).

But did you know that p'fft comes down to us from an ancient Chinese expression meaning, "May your children and grandchildren never murmur as they carry out the careful and brilliant virtue of their predecessors"?

It's commonly assumed that the apostrophe in p'fft stands for an f, the concept being that an f-too-many is overwhelming.  Indeed, Wodehouse notes: "You could have knocked me down with a f" (Right Ho, Jeeves).  Yet the truth is more interesting.  The apostrophe actually stands for a hyphen, swept upwards as it were by the breath of the expression.
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January 27, 2011 (permalink)

Photo by bazookabill.  See full-size image here.
One of the definitions of "pfft" in our popular dictionary of all-consonant words is "a spray from an aerosol can."  So we weren't at all surprised to see the word spray painted on a wall.

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February 21, 2009 (permalink)

"The shed went quiet save for the pfft of Paul dragging on his cigarette." —Screwthedaisies, Things Inside.
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February 15, 2009 (permalink)

"He could hardly be held accountable for determining how much time had passed in her presence, for soon she was gone: 'Pfft,' he expounded." —Joseph Di Prisco, Confessions of Brother Eli
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February 1, 2009 (permalink)

"Don't go pfft. It's true," he said. —Sue Miller, While I Was Gone
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January 26, 2009 (permalink)

"I just — pfft-pfft — spent money like that." —John Miller Chernoff, Hustling is Not Stealing
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January 18, 2009 (permalink)

MORRIS: What does that mean — pfft?
SHLOMO: It means nothing. ... Pfft this, pfft that.
Allan Knee, Second Avenue Rag
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January 10, 2009 (permalink)

"'Pfft, pfft, pfft,' Mama made spitting noises to drive away the demons." —Sylvia Smoller, Rachel and Aleks
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January 4, 2009 (permalink)

"The pfft! would be complete if I had developed any flair for fiction." —C. H. (Brick) Garrigues
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December 21, 2008 (permalink)

"I've never told you but back in London (that time she was in hospital and refused to see me) she almost gave up the ghost pfft." —Gérard Bessette, Incubation
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November 23, 2008 (permalink)

"The moth bounced against a row of books: pfft, pfft, pfft." —Andrea Barrett, The Voyage of the Narwhal
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November 2, 2008 (permalink)

"Of course, the audience was full of the most dreadful people imaginable, and all these balloons were going pfft, pfft, pfft." —Elton John, The Rolling Stone Interviews
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October 12, 2008 (permalink)

"'Pfft — pfft — pfft!'  That is the stars whistling for the soul of the shaman." —John MacDonald, The Arctic Sky: Inuit Astronomy, Star Lore, and Legend
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September 6, 2008 (permalink)

"He thought for a second and shpritzed me with four quicker, quieter Bronx cheers: 'Pfft, pfft, pfft, pfft.' ... And I had no idea PFFFFFFT was a four-letter word." —Joel Siegel, Lessons For Dylan
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August 16, 2008 (permalink)

"At night, a figure in dungarees with a mop of shaggy hair would have shaken a canister and angrily, joyfully, sprayed graffiti on the substation: pfft!" —Francesca Ferguson, Deutschlandscape
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August 9, 2008 (permalink)

"'Pfft, Pfft . . . Pfft, Pfft . . . Pfft, Pfft' was all that was heard during the next one and half seconds before the lights came back on." —Martin C. Arostegui, Twilight Warriors
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August 2, 2008 (permalink)

"Every spritz makes a pfft." —Wilhelm Genazino, The Shoe Tester of Frankfurt
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