CRAIG CONLEY (Prof. Oddfellow) is recognized by Encarta as “America’s most creative and diligent scholar of letters, words and punctuation.” He has been called a “language fanatic” by Page Six gossip columnist Cindy Adams, a “cult hero” by Publisher’s Weekly, a “monk for the modern age” by George Parker, and “a true Renaissance man of the modern era, diving headfirst into comprehensive, open-minded study of realms obscured or merely obscure” by Clint Marsh. An eccentric scholar, Conley’s ideas are often decades ahead of their time. He invented the concept of the “virtual pet” in 1980, fifteen years before the debut of the popular “Tamagotchi” in Japan. His virtual pet, actually a rare flower, still thrives and has reached an incomprehensible size. Conley’s website is
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Someone Should Write a Book on ...

June 25, 2020 (permalink)

It's been said that the only book to have is Every Thing About Every Thing by Every Body.  We've read it, and while the beginning was quite compelling, about midway through we lost our bookmark and decided not to try to find our place again. From The Martlet, 1977.
#vintage illustration #book #hammock #everything
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June 2, 2020 (permalink)

Lots of great books here that should exist outside the illustration:
One Million Candy Recipes
Waffles and Their Ways
Ice Cream: Hot or Cold
How to Know Beans
Dates and How to Keep Them
From Homespun Stories by Clara Denton, 1924.
#vintage illustration #books
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April 13, 2020 (permalink)

Someone should write a self-help book entitled Finding Your Inner Ampersand.  (Thanks, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt!)  Speaking of ampersands, this is very unusual: the little-known, incredibly unlikely, yet fully documented history of the Ampersand.
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March 8, 2020 (permalink)

We initially mistook this headline to mean that the couple were seaching the lyrics of Blues songs for appearances of Bigfoot.  Cue Harry James' "Feet Draggin' Blues," but not Blind Lemon Jefferson's "Stocking Feet Blues" (because Bigfoot goes barefoot).  Bob Marley sang, "Your feet is just too big for your shoes."  The old folk song "Ol' Virginny Never Tire" mentions how "the hollow of her foot makes a hole in the groun'."  There's an old folk rhyme about "Johnny Bigfoot" who would have to kick two cows out of their skins to have shoes that fit.  The Ink Spots sang how "there were four of us: me, your big feet, and you."  Then there's the Moody Blues, who sing of how "the earth shook under my feet."  Johnny Cash's "Big Foot" is about a different Bigfoot—the Miniconjou chief.  We're little acquainted with the Blues genre, so no dount many more Sasquatches are lurking in those sonic realms.  Someone should write a book about how Bigfoot hides in music.
(Headline from UFO Newsclipping Service, 1983.)
#bigfoot #blues music
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November 21, 2019 (permalink)

Someone should write a book on Boundary Setting for Open Secrets.
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June 13, 2019 (permalink)

Given that there's the classic Flatland and the follow-up Flatterland, someone should write a book called Even Flatterland or Superflatland, or Flattestland.
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April 29, 2019 (permalink)

Someone should craft a book on finding humor in seances via spirit slates: Jokes that Write Themselves.
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December 27, 2018 (permalink)

Dr. Clifford Pickover suggests that someone should write a book about this image: "Imagine the potential joy of writing a novel that focuses on this artwork."  Fighting Knight-Puppets, from Hortus Deliciarum, Herrad of Landsberg, Hohenburg Abbey, France, c.1167 - c.1185.
#vintage illustration #knight #puppet
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November 12, 2018 (permalink)

Hilarious even when unconscious, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt suggests that someone ought to write a book called:

From Scare Quotes to Air Quotes: Framing and Shaming Dubious Micro-Texts

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October 28, 2018 (permalink)

"Why doesn't an airline pilot write a novel about flying?"  From Daily Tar Heel, 1939.
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August 1, 2018 (permalink)

Here's an idea that, if pursued, promises to automatically be referenced in another book:

Someone should write Evel Knievel and Other Not Evil Things (a book that doesn't currently exist but yet is already referenced on page 127 of Post-Rapture Radio: Lost Writings from the Failed Revolution at the End of the Last Century by Russell Rathbun, 2008).

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June 23, 2018 (permalink)

Someone should write Guile, Stealth, Patience—and a Small Amount of Cheating.  (The phrase is from Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde.)
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May 24, 2018 (permalink)

Someone should write A Slim Volume of Poetry for Vanquishing Locust Demons.  (Inspired by Retro-Devil.)
From The Devil's Bride by Milton H. Stine, 1910.
#vintage illustration #demon #biblical #locust
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February 23, 2018 (permalink)

Walter Prichard Eaton suggestions that someone should write a book called How to Tell the Sermon from the Jazz.  He also suggests the title How to Project Your Personality Through the Empyrean.  From The Judge, 1922.
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January 24, 2018 (permalink)

Someone should write a cynic's birthday book with wicked epigrams and otherwise cynical sentiments for every day of the year.  From The Idler, 1894.
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January 16, 2018 (permalink)

From an ad for a lecture by Abbe Dimnet, 1921.
#france #thinking #french #subjects
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December 6, 2017 (permalink)

"My unwritten book, Humility and How I Achieved It." —David L. McKenna, The Succession Principle
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November 7, 2017 (permalink)

Someone should write another book called The City of Living Soul, Discovered in a Dream.  It's been since 1887 that James E. Ellison wrote his.
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September 13, 2017 (permalink)

"One day someone should write a follow-up of Joan Didion's Californian memoir Where I Was From." —Mireille Hildebrandt, Smart Technologies and the End(s) of Law
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August 30, 2017 (permalink)

"Someone should write an etiquette book on it—Avoiding Awkward Innkeeper Interactions." —Mae Fox and Amy Lillard, Pattern of Betrayal
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